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How do I detect fraudulent ads?

Buying a vehicle must be a special experience so you should pay attention to some aspects:

  • Do not send copies of your ID, passport or any other document to unknown people
  • Do not send money in advance for booking the vehicle
  • Avoid meeting the seller in another country or city unless you checked their address before
  • If you see an ad in which the offer seems too good to be true or you have any suspicions about it, use the Report abuse button and one of our colleagues will analyse the ad.Screenshot_2019-11-18_at_13.58.48.png
  • Avoid advertisements that are written grammatically incorrect or that contain messages similar to "I need to urgently leave the country, involved in a divorce etc", because those are usually vehicles with hidden problems.
  • In case the seller does not answer to your phone calls and is suggesting to communicate by e-mail for various reasons (eg. the lack of reception, leaving the country, does not have enough time), there are very high chances of not being an honest seller.
  • In case the seller does not respond to messages that raise big question marks: messages requiring advance payment, messages that ask for your private address, company details or any other kind of data
  • Try to discuss with sellers who are open to giving information, who own a vehicle with verifiable history.