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Safety tips

It is pertinent to note that the website is merely an online service allowing users to post free and paid classified advertisements. The transaction between a seller and the purchaser is completely independent of Tradus’ involvement and Tradus has no role in facilitating the transaction in relation to any offers published on the website. Tradus merely provides the infrastructure which is used by third-party users for posting classified advertisements and does not initiate or select the receiver of information transmitted by users using its network, nor does it select or modify information contained in such transmissions. Tradus is not a party and does not derive any gain from transaction between parties advertisements for which have been posted on Tradus.

Your safety is just as important to us as it is to you. That's why we are continuously on the look out for fraudulent offers. Nevertheless, it remains hard to detect fraudulent buying or selling intentions. That's why we've put together a few tips for you to keep in mind when trading on Tradus:


- Pricing suspiciously low, below the market price. The deal seems too good to be true!
- The seller is putting pressure on you to pay before seeing the machine or vehicle.
- The seller does not allow to check the machine in person. Shipping the machine is the only option offered.
- The communication cannot be done by phone or in person.
- The seller only has a few pictures of the equipment and he does not "want" to share more pictures.


- Try to check the machine before you proceed to transfer the money.
- If the seller is putting pressure on you to pay before seeing the offer, better walk away.
- Don't fall for the promise of delivery, it's better if you can arrange and coordinate the shipment yourself.
- Meet the seller in person in a public place you are comfortable with.
- The serial number must match in both, equipment and sales contract.
- Do not share bank details, personal or official documents with strangers.


Sometimes scammers try to get confidential information with phishing technics by email, phone or sms (among other channels). So they can send fake communications posing as a legitime institution.

Please, follow these recommendations:
- You should only login to your Tradus account on
- Do not share bank details, confidential information or documents with strangers.
- Be careful with sms texts when the country code of the phone number and the language do no match and when URL's are included in the message.
- If you have any doubt about potential fake communication on behalf of Tradus, please send us an email to

Other points of attention for sellers:
- Be careful with unrealistic proposals that sound too good to be true.
- Validate the veracity of checks received from sellers before you proceed with further actions (shipment, transfer money back...).
- Never accept a proof of payment sms or email - these are very easy to fake. Make sure you call your bank to check that the funds have cleared.