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Content rules


Offer pictures need to clearly show what is for sale.

What is not allowed on pictures:
1. Only Text
2. Color frames

What we strongly recommend not to include in the pictures in order to get more views:
1. Stock pictures
2. Watermarks
3. URLs to other sites
4. Contact details


Use clear descriptions for offers, including technical specifications and relevant information.

What is not allowed in descriptions:
1. Links to other websites
2. Contact details
3. Marketing messages: Advertising services or companies instead of actual offers.


Prices have to be realistic (according to market value)
Ads that include a price attract more buyers.


1. Duplicates. Offers can only be posted once on Tradus.
2. Vehicles or machines already sold or reserved.
3. Vehicles or machines for spare parts can be published only in the spare parts category.
4. Items that are not for sale yet.